How Does it Work?

The Center offers family and closely-held business owners and members opportunities to gain knowledge that can help you successfully operate and expand your business. The Center offers practical, interactive programs, resources, and networking opportunities designed to promote future business success.

We hold monthly executive roundtable meetings where participants share their knowledge and experiences with each other, in confidence, to:

Create a vision and strategic direction that family and non-family members in their business can share and work to achieve.

Identify and resolve potential relationship conflicts between generations, family members, and non-family members.

Smooth leadership transitions and resolve conflicts about power, control, and money.

Develop reward, compensation, and motivational strategies for family and non-family employees.

Prepare that next generation to take over leadership of your growing business.

Deal with a variety of management issues confronting them.The Center also provides ample opportunity for you to meet informally and confidentially with business professionals and other family business members to discuss common problems and share solutions.

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